HADES:  ( a birthday fanfiction )

HADES: ( a birthday fanfiction )

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LEONE By leoblazingfire Updated Mar 25, 2016

It's Hades's birthday and Lucifer has a to leave on a buisness trip a week before. It's up to the rest of the gang to prepare for the day and keep it a surprise but what thay don't know is that fate has another surprise in store for them all.

(Just a few of my fantasies when rotty isnt uploading and my brain goes haywire.
haha...just wanna say i love you rotty!)

the charachters arent mine people! ( as if i could make such awesomeness....*pouts )

leedsfest leedsfest Dec 12, 2015
Abel and Akin are my favorite I know they can pull it off lol
swordfish012 swordfish012 Nov 06, 2015
I saw this in rotty's profile and I was like "oh gosh oh gosh, HADIFER! " it was cute and the characters was on it's route just like how rotty wrote it,, your awesome!