To Be Her First

To Be Her First

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Elicia Hyder By EliciaHyder Completed

At sixteen, Journey Durant hasn't yet experienced her first anything. No first boyfriend. No first date. No first kiss. But, that's all about to change. Two boys at West Emerson High are vying for her attention: the MVP quarterback and the school's reigning bad boy. 

David Britton is the sensible choice. He's attractive, responsible, and every mother's dream-including hers. But David and Journey are from two different social universes where David is the sun in his, and Journey is a moon rock in hers. He's the most popular guy in school, and Journey is just background noise. She has a hard enough time accepting that he truly wants to be her friend, much less anything more.

And then there's Steven Drake. Steven has dominated Journey's fantasy life for as long as she can remember. He has a short list of things he cares about and school, the future, and what anyone thinks of him aren't on it. Journey finds the element of rebellion he emanates to be intoxicating. But, as much as Steven excites her, she knows there's trouble down that road.

So, who will be her first? Mr. Most Likely to Succeed or Mr. Most Likely to Go to Jail?

***To Be Her First is the prequel to The Bed She Made. Chronologically, this story happens first, but The Bed She Made is a standalone novel.***

butterflyglitty butterflyglitty Dec 24, 2016
I don't really have rules like this but I don't even wear make up so... :|
ashleerae2 ashleerae2 Nov 06, 2016
I'm loving this story so far. Any small writers want to support eachother? :D
Riane1994 Riane1994 Feb 19, 2016
I KENNUT 😱😱😱😵😵😵😫😫😖😖😖😖🙇🙇🙇🙇😢😢😢😢😢😢
aniroma aniroma Nov 21, 2016
I couldn't wear makeup until I turned 16 which was a little over 3 months ago. And I'm probably not gonna be allowed to date until I'm legal 😒...21 legal
butterflyglitty butterflyglitty Dec 24, 2016
Wth I get she wants to not fit in I mean I don't at all but that does not mean she has to hurt herself either
Guavasqueen Guavasqueen Dec 01, 2016
I didnt even know there was a first book lmao.. i shall read this then continue with the other..
                              P.s. U might want to state that tgere are 2 books in this author