History repeats itself (Boruto Uzumaki x Knucklehead!Reader

History repeats itself (Boruto Uzumaki x Knucklehead!Reader

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[deja vu:having the strong sensation that an event or experience currently being experienced has already been experienced in the past]

Boruto has a female classmate named (Name) who is a lot like his father,Naruto Uzumaki,the hokage,when he was a kid.Boruto and (Name) are rivals at first because Boruto's sees her nothing more than an idiotic ninja while (Name) sees him as a spoiled brat.But Boruto begins to fall in love with her when he starts to understand her and her personality,but would (Name) learn to like him back?

*whiny voice* Ugh but being Hokage is so overrated. And so much work. You know what, Sarada can have it. I'm too lazy.
Well I can't help that that bîtch over there is stupid cûm gûzzling whôre that likes to start stuff 
                              Nope XD
I'm so picking my own looks cause many authors show such horrible looks
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I like orange/ brownish color hair with bright aqua color eyes
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How did you know how long my hair is.... *starts caressing my own hair*
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I may not be a Fashionista but even I think this outfit is horrible