Everything He Told Me

Everything He Told Me

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the girl no-one sees By The_Chameleon Updated Mar 15, 2016

"Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences" 
                     - Emery Allen

A year has passed and Isla is packing up, ready to head for college and pursue her new dreams. Her first year, she wants to do everything and experience everything: the drinking, the parties and most importantly the boys. 

Of course, she hasn't forgotten that Jared's already a student at her college. But this year they've decided to make a pact: stay friends. Just friends - no matter what happens. Help each other with their assignments, introduce each other to their hot, single roommates and under no circumstances fall for each other again. 

But it's becoming increasingly harder to follow the rules of their pact and frankly, they don't care anymore.

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Americans call those duffel bags. I had to google what a holdall was.
InnocentlittleRebel_ InnocentlittleRebel_ Aug 30, 2016
American school system is confusing to me.....arent freshmans like 14/15 years old? so how can her little brother have a baby....? what?  how does the collage and university system work and how long can you be in a collage for and how much do you pay for the tuition?
lalalalawriting lalalalawriting Nov 28, 2015
                              This chapter was AWESOME as always! I'm so excited for Isla and a even little anxious for her too! 
                              Can't wait to see where it goes!!! :D <3
lalalalawriting lalalalawriting Nov 28, 2015
OMG I commented that before I read this! Isla and I are in sync!
hiral_2410 hiral_2410 Nov 28, 2015
hey girl! awesome chapter like always.. i am already excited for more.. and let me tell u my imagination is going wild just thinking about what could have happened between jared and isla.. but, hey i dont complain... haha love u all the best
lalalalawriting lalalalawriting Nov 23, 2015
I totally agree with @hiral_2410 ^^^ I NEED BREAKUP DETAILS! WHAT IS THIS!!??? haha 
                              But I'm still SUPER excited!!! :D <333