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So wrong, yet so right

So wrong, yet so right

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MJJKing By MJJKing Updated Jan 03

He is older... handsome,  has those dreamy eyes. It's hard to just look at him without getting these thoughts.
Thoughts that shouldn't be there. Especially not when he is your dads bestfriend.

LiyahMjjLefteye_2pac LiyahMjjLefteye_2pac Jul 23, 2016
Age ain't nothing but a number throwing down ain't nothing but a thang
He sayyyy it's because of my age gurlll but age ain't nothing but a numbahhhhhh it ain't nothing but a numbahh! Love me some pretty ricky!
moonwalkerxox moonwalkerxox Jul 21, 2016
You're lucky you're saying that at 18. If you were 17, it would be wrong.
You ever heard of something called Pull? Yeah pull him from her!👍👍