The Onyx Council [MAOG Book 2]

The Onyx Council [MAOG Book 2]

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[MAOG Book 2] Do you think you've been toyed enough by the ride called life? Then, you're wrong. It doesn't end with a happy and perfect picture but it only signifies that death is just only the beginning of everything. Alexandria Cromello-Vantress, one of the most benevolent queens of the Mafia Vantress for almost seventeen years has been dead for almost three years and Spade decided to decline any suggestions for second marriage. He started to dedicate his remaining life to his children and to the empire that he and his queen have made. But what if the action is not yet done with the ten heads, the reapers, and the bitches? 

A grim reaper called Samara was being hunted for the chaos he or she is bringing to the underground society. No one knows if that person is a he or a she but what's certain is that he/she was ordered to do a mission given by the most frightening and highest council, the Onyx. The Onyx Council is known to be the official judges when it comes to large issues within the underground society. 

What is their reason for ordering Samara to bring chaos? What are they aiming for? Which side are they in? Who is the person behind the mask? What happened after 17 years? Will they be able to return to the times when they are still complete and fighting together? Or everything from the past has been turned into dusts?

azyr_17 azyr_17 Aug 26
Plsss sino na nga po si alex tagal ko na po kasing di nabasa eh
Noooo di siya patay guys buhay siya nasa epilogue binasa ko agad eh hehe
GirlOnCaim GirlOnCaim Sep 12
Wahhh Alex is dead??  OMO😭😭. Ang saklap naman nun miss author.  Pero sabi nga nila may dahilan ang lahat kaya support ko na lang to.  I hope spade and his son are okau😌😌
akikikim akikikim Sep 02
Book 2 na izzzz me ^___^ but, na spoil ako sa mga comments 😭😢😭😢 patay na si alexxxxx? 😭 mahhh heartuuuu 💔
I was about to react negatively nang mabasa ko sa dulo ang "read before you judge" hahahaha
pinkCutie_26 pinkCutie_26 5 days ago
Dat nawawalan ka na ng gana magbasa😪 katatapos ko lang ng book 1 tas eto agad bungad sakeen juskoo po otor😭