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Off the Grid (Rewriting)

Off the Grid (Rewriting)

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☆M-St.☆ By calmingfire Updated Nov 08, 2016

      Transnational organized crimes run amuck in the Ghost Society. It's the place between the regular world most know of, The Grid, and hell itself. It's turgid with secrets for secrets, lies for lies, and violence for violence. It's where corruption and greed is conceived, and where everything good and pure comes to perish. When an unidentified force comes to flip the table of power around, quiet chaos ensues rapidly.

      Two unlikely criminals are entrusted by their superiors to unravel the source and identity of an awakened cult. It's up to Iris Alleyene, a thief and smuggler who is gifted with the skill of anonymity and combat, and Jon Morgan, a terrorist who is cursed with a contrite heart and desperate conviction, to get the job done or die trying.

              *ALL RIGHTS RESERVED*
              (cover by the amazing @_solidarity) 

incisrongirl incisrongirl Nov 22, 2016
I've put in my reviewing notes that I don't read stories with sexual content. I am reading the story now, but if what you mean by sexual content gets beyond kissing or anything like that, I will have to discontinue the story.
InnocentAlchemist InnocentAlchemist Aug 11, 2016
Okay, first of all, amazing cover. Rihanna in that suit just gives off the action-adventure vibe. It's very inviting. Also, JENSEN ACKLES!!! DO you watch Supernatural too???
live-artistically live-artistically Jul 23, 2016
THAT CAST IS AMAZING. I love Rihanna and Arden Cho! Btw I kind of find it funny that Ackles is a guy named Palinski since it's a little similar to Padalecki.
I agree. I'd much prefer being confused and intrigued instead of trying to remember an info-dump is chapter 2.
GeliFV GeliFV Nov 11, 2016
I love it when people write non-white characters :) like Asians and black people are the bomb, and no one really writes them in (especially not Asians #AsiansAreFireAndWeNeedMoreOfThem )
GeliFV GeliFV Nov 11, 2016
I love detailed descriptions <3 they're what makes the world go 'round :)