(paused)Problem?goth boy x reader

(paused)Problem?goth boy x reader

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Marshmellowlove By AmandaPunko Updated Feb 01, 2016

(this my first x reader...really my first anything but that's not important XD also, art is not mine)

after years of waiting and planning, you and your best friend are finally going to comicon! things start out with an awkward meeting with a strange boy but things get interesting when the same goth sets up a table across from you in the buyers alley.

(again, this is my first xreader, i apologize before hand T^T)

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Krystal_Joan193 Krystal_Joan193 Feb 14, 2016
We're on floor seven and the elevetor is out of order, JUST MY F@CKING LUCK!
CinnabonDelighted CinnabonDelighted Sep 29, 2016
                              don't judge
iintoxication iintoxication May 12, 2016
Sweatpants and a sports bra (what I take a jog to lose the weight)
satanzlilangel satanzlilangel Nov 03, 2016
Me Last Year. Now I don't ride the bus anymore. So it can't be me anymore
-Slowly-Dying- -Slowly-Dying- Jul 14, 2016
I hoped it would be the oversized moth richie or social repose (reproduction)
CinnabonDelighted CinnabonDelighted Sep 29, 2016
Mmmm yes my jeff the killer pajamas
                              Spaghetti straps and shorts *eyebrow wiggle* just try to imagine it