It had been over a week since Harry went missing. Over a week since Draco's world disappeared. Over a week since they took his Harry away from him.

paris_girl22 paris_girl22 Nov 06, 2016
I'm only just starting to get into Drarry and I think this story will definitely be a great one to get me into the ship 😀
                              It's amazing already!
poppyisanauthor poppyisanauthor Sep 18, 2016
How the actual hell did they know about the sectumsempra curse
amberhorseperson amberhorseperson Aug 07, 2016
I've seen this done in so many fanfics, where someone crawls in a hospital bed with the other person, do they let you do that is that not dangerous?!?! Can the person not get more hurt?!?!?
xbeliefaithphan xbeliefaithphan Nov 16, 2016
oh yes cuz that question is fûcking helping like yes hes totally fine you know
hxrrysfedora hxrrysfedora Oct 17, 2016
I wanna hold him and stroke his hair then give him a nice warm bubble bath. Then I'll make him warm cookies and milk and tuck him in by the fire.
NicholasBedward NicholasBedward Aug 25, 2016
My heart is aching for some reason, like its cracking. But I have to see what happens. I must.