The Only Girl

The Only Girl

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ッ ιт'ѕ ℓєχιє вσσ By Its_Lexie_Boo Updated Mar 10, 2013

"So, let me get this straight." I say, looking at my parents. "You called an all boys school and asked if I could go there... Becuase you want me to be less girly?"
My parents aren't smiling. They wait a moment to answer. "Yes. Thats exactly why." My mom says.
"We always wanted a boy anyways, perhaps when you come back you will be 'one of the guys'" My dad says. "Now go pack your bags, you leave tomorow."
I stand up, tears fighting to leave my eyes. I walk to my room as calmly as possible. But once I'm in my room I curl up in a ball. "I love you too, I'm sorry I wasn't a boy." I sob.

This is my story, please don't copy any of my idea's. I originally write it here:
But out of fear of getting deleted I decided to post it on Wattpad as well. 
Also, I always post an outfit that I imagined her wearing as the external link, be sure to check those out! ENJOY!

WeHeartIt picture set (I post ALL the pictures here):
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How can I freaking see the websites ...It would be better if she DISCRIBED the things
This book sounds just like I'm a girl trapped in an all boys school...
Arilovesu12 Arilovesu12 Feb 08
her parents can go suck my invisible penis they should be happy they have a child
imbeingnormal imbeingnormal Aug 31, 2016
My parents always wanted a boy so it was kinda sad when they bought me "boy" clothes
neri-berry neri-berry May 21, 2016
my life is the opposite. my parents sent me to a an all girls school to be more girly
5SOSfandomismylife 5SOSfandomismylife Oct 12, 2016
They named her Amanda because they wanted her to be "a-man-duh"