The Nerd Can Fight? [[ Discontinued]]

The Nerd Can Fight? [[ Discontinued]]

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Merlina an average girl ..... WRONG she is a street fighter known as Lina 'The Queen Of The Night'.There are levels in the world of street fighting ranging from Level 1 to Level 5.Merlina is one of the 20 Level 5 in America  and one of the few  500 Level 5 in the whole world.The world knew only to streetfighters and the government and also an anonymous group giving them their  powers.

At school, Merlina is known as Nerd, bitch, slut and so on. They think she is a defenseless little child as her brothers always protect her.After all, she needs to put on a good act.

|| This story has been discontinued because I have a rewritten version, check it out if you want||


Author: Akane Shiru

I love that part hey dad can I skip school today or for the next nine months yass
I once had a crappy phone that I only used for an alarm and I had a fish bowl near my desk so when my alarm went off I ended up throwing it into the fish bowl successfully breaking it
who else used a metric translator on this because they're reading in america.
_Fangirl_74 _Fangirl_74 Apr 12
I'm 13 5'4 102lbs. At my school I'm co sidered tall and skinny
ash_mc_411 ash_mc_411 Aug 16
I threw my alarm out my window once cuz I don't have a screen and my alarm was powered by batteries. My mom wasn't very happy with me..😂
Trust me it's not called school....... It's more of prison/hell....