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I hope you enjoy the story!

-Misti Wolanski 

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Year 222 of the Bynding

Excerpt taken from the diary
of the late Princess Endellion Yunan,
Crown Heiress of Marsdenfel
and Illegitimate Daughter
of Queen Yuoleen of Marsdenfel
and King Barnett of Grehafen

[A s]light noise can be so loud. The royal amulet slipped from my mother's neck to the floor, today, and that faint sound echoed through the marble throne room. All present stared, aghast at that rejection by the Bynd, the avatar for the magic that grants command of the Crystal that binds the elves together ...

  • aleyi
  • elves
  • epic-fantasy
  • fantasy
  • female-lead
  • first-person-pov
  • high-fantasy
  • new-adult
  • present-tense
  • prophecy
  • sweet-romance
  • teen
  • traditional
  • young-adult
EvelynHail EvelynHail Jul 19
The beginning is quite promising, with just the right blend between description, narration, dialogue and emotional involvement from the characters, interesting enough to make me keep going. I am not a big fan of a 1st person POV but I can get used to it :) Lovely start.
PhoenixWinchester PhoenixWinchester Nov 09, 2016
                              HOW DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE?? YOU HAD IT MAPPED OUT BEFORE YOU BEGAN!! You truly are amazing, lady!
LightSaviour LightSaviour Feb 16, 2016
it's interesting so far looking forward to reading the rest.
KittyMagi KittyMagi Dec 29, 2015
Wow, this book is amazing. One chapter and I'm already interested. I'm going to have to keep reading this. See you again in the next chapter!
- - Dec 11, 2015
I loved it. Didn't read something so interesting in a long amount of time. Right at the beginning my imagination was boiling!
edgardowden edgardowden Nov 21, 2015
very intriquing for a start. it immediately sets the readers imagination to boiling.