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I'm Not Innocent

I'm Not Innocent

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Jeremy By creators-journals Updated Dec 04, 2016

this is based on my AU from my tumblr account ask-the-fnaf-nightguards

In a twisted turn of events, poor Michael Schmidt, A security guard for the pizza attraction called Freddy fazbears pizza (I think you all know) finds himself in a sticky situation as he's trapped with his former coworker that he though was as innocent as a newborn puppy, and a 'doctor' who supposedly helps Jeremy with his issue. Mike has no way of escaping, fearing that he could get killed in the process. 
The story is based on my AU where Jeremy Fitzgerald, one of the most innocent characters in the fnaf series, is not who you think. He's a psychopathic killer we it comes to people, and yandere as fuck with Mike (and sometimes Vincent.)
If you don't know what yandere means, I'll do what my understanding of it mean. The yandere will do anything to take what it want. Whether its a person or whatever. 
Look it up on Google or something.

I hope you enjoy the story! I may not be the best writer, but I try.

Bluebirdinlove Bluebirdinlove Jun 08, 2016
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly 
                              That escalated quickly
Verodis_Loves_FNaF Verodis_Loves_FNaF Dec 14, 2016
Jeremy looks like Donald trump. don't believe me? open 2 tabs one with jeremy and another with a pose similar to jeremy's pose of Donald.
Nicoforlife Nicoforlife Oct 06, 2016
Me:Mikey you fuked 
                              Mike:say what now 
                              Spring :wattpad 
                              Mike :oh ok *go's back to messing with tablet *
castrophony castrophony Aug 26, 2016
Have u ever met the literal human form of a period cramp because mike
It makes me wonder why they just say 'Boss' this and 'Boss' that in these kinds of stories. I know there's no name the boss of the fazbear company but it makes me wonder why know one has bothered to give him a name
candiedblue candiedblue May 16, 2016
                              oh wait.
                              What's straight in this story?
                              Certainly not Jeremy-