Kageyama x Reader [[ Im your King, You're my Queen.]]

Kageyama x Reader [[ Im your King, You're my Queen.]]

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Kageyama Tobio. Karasuno's setter. You met him during the competition between Aoba Johsai and Karasuno. That time, You were cheering over Oikawa and his majestic serve, oh just how dreamy he is. You have a crush over him just like other girls. You don't even know why. You're madly inlove with someone who doesn't like you back. Just how dense you are. Ofcourse your affection towards the Aoba's setter is obvious. He knows that you liked him, but he didn't cared after all. You weren't his type. But you were stubborn and tenacious. 

During the match, you were yelling over his name, you repeatedly yelled "Go Oikawa!" His serves are perfect as usual, attention was on him until something caught your eyes from the other side of the line. The raven haired setter of Karasuno. He was there all the time but you didn't recognized him. Because of too much attention towards the brunette male. 

Your (e/c) hues glued onto him, sweat was rolling down onto his cheek to his neck. His muscular arms exten...

namshiat namshiat Oct 25
TBH my actual brother is name Jimin and my last name is park so yay BTs and ARMYS
W where is he? JeFf I I ToLD YoU To gEt OUt oF HeRe.... WhY ArE YoU STiL HErE?
No, no. Wrong reaction! You're supposed to be like 'UWAAAH! YEEESSSSS!'
TObi0_ TObi0_ Aug 11
Eh? Ginger? Anime suppose to have no race or different type in humans. It's just orange haired guy. Right?
Try not to describe any anime tropes, such as sweat drops and vein pops. It sounds better if you thoroughly describe his uncomfortable feeling, rather than just using an anime trope.
bakagayama bakagayama Apr 22
I read the title as "Love at First Set"... -_-
                              I'm so done with myself