Love A Bad Boy? ((PPGZ and RRBZ Fanfiction))

Love A Bad Boy? ((PPGZ and RRBZ Fanfiction))

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ON HIATUS By HimekoLioness Updated May 19

Momoko, Miyako and Kaoru are part of the Discipline Committee in their school, and it is their job to discipline deliquents, bullies and a whole lot more of troublemakers.

Ikuto, Mikoto and Kai on the other hand, are the deliquents of the school, they skip classes, vandalize, litter and etc.

When their paths meet a whole new relationship starts, but will it turn out okay?

Why is she friends with her?  Isn't she that brat who wants to be the most popular in school, town and world?
judykong2 judykong2 Nov 19
There's a Himeko and Yumiko????? I must have not seen the first chaps............
It like jail!!  But seriously you and Momoko dos the same thing in the morning, breaking the alarm clock.
CakeCleaner CakeCleaner Jun 27
Ahh must be hard life ur a clock
                              Breaking into bits every morning
Must we continue to wake up with the torturous music of alarm clocks?
                              We should be able to wake on our own time,and go to school when we feel like it.
                              Only years from now will our dreams come true.
azumixx azumixx Sep 17, 2015
Everytime when my mom tells me to walk from school, I think of this! XD