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The Bad Boy Is My Deskmate

The Bad Boy Is My Deskmate

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nity ★彡 By FlyingElephantsx Completed

"Scott Benson, you'll be sitting next to Arielle Reese."

That one sentence changed Arielle's life forever. 

Meet the school's bad boy- Scott Benson. Rebel, badass, a chick magnet, you name it. 

Arielle on the other hand, is the complete opposite. Good girl, good grades, doesn't go out much and doesn't communicate with people that often. 

What happens when these two were told to sit next to each other? 

Arielle soon found herself in a journey that consists of jealousy, betrayal, trust, friendship, heartbreaks, tears, smiles, happiness, sadness and love. 

When she thought that her life couldn't get more complicated and more problematic, it got even more worse. 

And it's all because the school's bad boy sat next to her.

It was GREAT and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (there are many more loves after that) IT.
Our schools very supportive of being who you are and embrace it so u see ppl with gages an inch long and ppl with bright hair no one cares or you see the girls with crop tops and high rise  jeans nope no one really cares lol
I have natural high lights well use to untell my hair changed that color to.
I'm totally looking forward to having to wake up at like 6 to be able to go to school and even more excited for when I have zero period
That is exactly how I feel - let's just say events have lead me to have trust issues
Mystery88888 Mystery88888 3 days ago
Well... that went great. I'd at least think that he would have said something like, 'hey beautiful'!