A Royal Mate

A Royal Mate

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Gissell By Die_With_Time_15 Updated Sep 17, 2017

All of Arabella's life has been lived in a world where monsters live with her. Not just any monsters, but cruel, demanding werewolves. Being the daughter of the King she imagined she will always be safe from them, so she had never really thought of ending up being the possession of one. Not just anyone, oh no, but Alpha Arsen's possession.

He is the ruthless Alpha of Arabella's worst nightmare, the Savage Blood Pack. Probably one of the most feared packs in the world has lived near her family's kingdom for centuries and all that has kept them at peace with them has been a deal, made 150 years ago. 

But when King Thomas breaks the deal, all hell breaks lose. Arsen plans to kidnap their oldest daughter to torture so that King Thomas will have no choice, but to hand over his kingdom. What Arsen didn't expect was to find that Arabella was his mate.
"We have succeeded in our mission, Alpha." Julian, my Beta, says to me with a proud smile on his lips. 

A smirk forms on my lips at the news. The fun is about to begin. King Thomas had no idea what was coming to him. He has no idea what he has gotten himself in with breaking the deal our ancestor made 150 years ago. "Take me to where she is." I ordered and one of my fighters- who had joined Julian in the mission to kidnap the princess- nodded obediently.

He leads me to where the prisoners are kept. Death immediately hits my nose, but I don't react to the scent. As I approach the door I suddenly felt this weird sensation. My wolf, Jordan, is now starting to stir aggressively. I try to keep my face in a straight, hard expression but the sensation is starting to grown stronger.

As the guard opens the door I am staring straight into a cell which contains two people. The princess and a dirty rouge. In the sight of that my temper immediately hits full level and I let out a loud demanding growl.

"Mine!" I say in a dark voice.

Cover made by vamp_dragonstyle.

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a_i_y_a_n_a a_i_y_a_n_a Feb 20, 2016
I don't know why this scene sort of reminds me of beauty and the beast lol
whynot1244 whynot1244 Jul 10, 2016
Wow, hum ya good luck winning her over when ur plan was to TORTURE HER
music_lover2802 music_lover2802 Jan 22, 2016
At the 12 page 2 paragraph, I thought about what I always say. Without darkness there won't be light.
amanda4998 amanda4998 Oct 23, 2015
*wrists-1st line
                              *pushed-2nd line 
                              *tone-4th line
                              I'm not trying to mean. Just trying to help you :)
ilovereadingsm ilovereadingsm Sep 07, 2015
*Patience. Sorry I'm not trying to be mean just trying to help.❤️love the book so far!
LoLogirl2014 LoLogirl2014 Aug 15, 2015
Please though! I know this probably is annoying but I jut got Ito this book and then I go and see that it "will be continued"???? Please (and in sorry) but please update as soon as u can? I just really like this book and your writing :) x