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I Never Said I Love You

I Never Said I Love You

10.5K Reads 370 Votes 9 Part Story
Call Me Rowen By themysteriouspringle Updated Dec 04, 2016

The Chance I Never Took

yuunoaforlife13 yuunoaforlife13 Oct 19, 2016
This is not bad at all I really love it this fanfic was what inspired me to start writing so thank you so much for inspiring me 💖 also would u mind checking out my fanfiction, it's called  I might be falling for Yuu thanks again 😊
Kakiyune_Akushi Kakiyune_Akushi Mar 27, 2016
Too many words @@ I hope i can copy it on Google Translate so i can read it in Vietnamese *sigh* /~\
Isana-17 Isana-17 Jan 18, 2016
U need more time,time~spend more time with him~and your love will come true~
                              Setsuna(OC):Mind shut up and not pretending  to be old?*got smacks*
                              THIS IS NOT YOUR DIMENSION,GO BACK TO YOURS!!!!
Isana-17 Isana-17 Jan 18, 2016
We know~we know~The Tsunderes's are the most obvious person to show that they're in love~Though they'd deny it~