Fifth Harmony/You - Tour??

Fifth Harmony/You - Tour??

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Frisefifthharmony By Frisefifthharmony Completed

"But I don't want to!"

"your going on tour with your uncle Will and that's final" 

What could happen on tour??

Even if you were a genius they wouldn't let you go to college or even high school until your at least eleven because it would still be uncomfortable to have such an age gap and you still have to mature. Other than that cool idea
WaitWhat727 WaitWhat727 Oct 15
Graduated when I was 8 with high school the. Graduated collage when I was 11 tehe I'm kinda smart
I'm 15 and still don't know what the hell a square root is WTF
.....okaaay.... can I be like this in real life plea- oh nvm... I'm 17 already... fvck..
I'm not even in school yet and I already feel like I'm failing 😫😫
Lol remind of Lilo & Stitch 
                              Mom "Go to your room and don't come out." 
                              Lilo runs up to her room and slams the door. 
                              Lilo "I'M ALREADY IN MY ROOM." & slams the door again.