Still Waiting (Cake)

Still Waiting (Cake)

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Sounds Good, Feels Good By In_The_Reach Completed

Cake AU (Completed)

"All I know is that I really like Calum..."

Seconds later, I heard Calum's voice.

"What'd I miss?"

2 sided story (POV)

Person- I love bands!!
                              Me- same, so. Um, what bands do u like?
                              Person- I love 5 seconds of thinking
                              Me- u mean 5 seconds of summer
                              Person- oh yea right same thing
drxwningcake drxwningcake Aug 01, 2016
Dàmn I have no relationship with my mom she hates me but I still love her
Cake_and_Icecream Cake_and_Icecream Jan 28, 2016
You know you have a cake problem when you see "cause" as "cake"
hemmobasorexia hemmobasorexia Nov 13, 2015
I had to read this over like 4 times but I get it now woooo...I'm so slow