in the kidnapping of...

in the kidnapping of...

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kxtti2x By daisy_bang Updated Dec 30, 2016

Daezja pov

I was awaken to being dragged across the floor by my legs. I could hear ringing in my ears

My head was banging and the ringing got louder.

The last thing I remember was hearing voices and a door open.

Last night.

"Mom I'm going to the store be back."

I ran down the front steps and began walking down the street.

I heard bushes Russel as I walked.

I kept turning only to be met by nothing.

I finally reached the store after 5 minutes of hallucinations.

"Hey what u doing out so late?"

"Just getting some snacks rick" I laughed at the store clerk .

I looked up at the guy who walked in he bought a couple cigarettes and he walked out

"Yall really should not sell those deadly things."

"Tell that to the store owner." Rick laughed while ringing up my things

"I will." I payed for it and headed out the door

"Be safe."

I started walking back down my street keeping forward trying not to Give myself a heart attack.

Then I knew someone was behind me. When I turned it was a g...

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Oh yeah, I'm totally gonna talk to the nigga who just kidnapped me . . . Real logical. 💀
Thatgirlwithavoice Thatgirlwithavoice Jan 10, 2017
Uhm did he just say he's one of the "nice" ones bitch kidnappers aren't fucking_ nice tf
imademynamelonglol imademynamelonglol Jun 19, 2016
I would've ran and been like 'yeet!' You know that little duck and run thing that guys are always doing. That mess is more fun than it looks😂😂
cbreezylove123 cbreezylove123 Jan 06, 2016
Boy you think she gon be talking after you just kidnapped her ass