Dirty/ Sweet One Direction Imagines ;D

Dirty/ Sweet One Direction Imagines ;D

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Kelsey Pacheco By loudsexwithniall Completed

So these are some very spicy smut fics written for your pleasure. 

My goal is to get the audience involved as much as possible, so please tell me what you like to read, and i'll write it for you! Each chapter is written in the favors of a fan- you may read a fic with Jordan's name, or one with the name of Alex. They have requested these stories, and I have delivered to my best. 

Here is how it works:
-Tell me what you want to read! if you want to read about how Niall impregnated you and left you all alone for years and you find out that he actually died when going to see you at the clinic- i'm here to write that. 

What I need prior to writing your requested short fic:
-Your name (could be yours or an alias. Yes, I could write a fic where your name is "Bubblelicious Jam.")
- The location(s)  of event(s)
- Which member of 1D you want to be involved with (or it could be a fight, too. A steamy fight between the both of you? Scandalous)
- Let me know your kinks! I will involve them in your personalized fic. I don't hate, a kink is a kink. 
- The plot. This is crucial for me writing your fic, I need to know if you're at a party or if you're at a bar, a funeral, a mountain, a prison cell. TELL ME THINGS! I can easily make one up for you, i'm flexible in that area as well. 

and finally

- Your twitter handle!  That's right, for every request I get and go through, I will follow that person on my account in hopes that you'll like me to write more for you, but mainly to warn you that I have indeed finished your fic and it's been posted on this very app.

Let's talk, lets have fun! This is your chance to get your 1D story right, and i'm here to make it happen!

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cake_mashton_bae_ cake_mashton_bae_ Dec 29, 2014
I would hate to hear either my sister or brother having sex...I feel sorry for Liam XD
unauth0rized unauth0rized Sep 26, 2013
It would've been odee funny if you added that he caught them....
sammybert12012 sammybert12012 Jun 11, 2013
@xTammieMalkx     @_NiallersCharm dont let them you get to you there only in need of attention ok you are a  beautiful strong person xxxx hope everything gets better
loudsexwithniall loudsexwithniall May 31, 2013
@xTammieMalikx I've been bullied too . It's so wrong and it disgusts me a lot . I'm so sorry for the bulling. I love you babe , stay beautiful <3