New York's Heroes (A Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)

New York's Heroes (A Percy Jackson/Avengers Crossover)

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Just M By wihusker Updated Jan 30, 2016

First, it was aliens.

Then it was Titans.

And just this last summer, it was Romans.

Poor, poor New York. A apocalypse about everyday, along with hidden heroes and plotting enemies roaming the busy streets and taking the subway.

And now, two forces of heroes are going to meet, destroying a couple buildings, causing explosions, possibly harming innocents....

(Disclaimer for the whole story: PJO/HoO= Rock Riordan, Marvel=Stan Lee/any other character creator in the Marvel universe)

Romani_Raven Romani_Raven May 12, 2016
*facepalms* shouldn't you be reading Peter Johnson...? *snickers*
-MeBeKewi- -MeBeKewi- Oct 15, 2016
XD don't try to come up with a ship name for Peeta and Katniss it just sounds wrong
starstyle12girl starstyle12girl Mar 24, 2016
Imagine what 'scaring them away' is...
                              Percy begins to dance the nutcracker while fireworks are shot off in the distance.
Blade-Of-Spirit Blade-Of-Spirit Apr 19, 2016
*sneaks up in the middle of the night*
                              *paints GOVERNMENT in large block letters on all government vehicles*