FNAF: Living Nightmares

FNAF: Living Nightmares

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Cole Goodrich By Cole_Goodrich Completed


"I opened my eyes and looked around the room. It was dark. Darker than it had ever been before. Even my night light wasn't on! The only light I could see was the red light coming from my alarm clock. It said it was 12. I think it was AM, but I can never remember if midnight is AM or PM.  

Suddenly, I heard a noise! I quickly grabbed my Freddy and squeezed it tight; my heart began beating faster as I heard somebody moving outside of my doors! I knew if I stayed here for too long, though, they would get me...whoever they were.

I slowly got out of my bed and walked towards the door to my left...or, was it the right? I don't know; it was always hard to figure out which was which. As I walked, I felt something under my feet. It felt hard, but tiny... I picked it up and felt a small button. After pressing it, a small bit of light appeared! I found a flashlight! Which was really, really, REALLY good; everyone knows monsters are scared of light!

Now I slowly got closer to the door, ready to face any monster that may come my way..."

Cole Goodrich is back again in another part of his Five Nights at Freddy's series! Join the unnamed child as he tries to piece together the past and learn more about why he has found himself surrounded by these living nightmares.

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The_Plushy_Plushtrap The_Plushy_Plushtrap Oct 31, 2017
He's here! Here's there! He's everywhere!
                              Who you gonna call?! Psychic friend fredbear!
Jake651 Jake651 Jul 23, 2016
Psychic friend Fredbear is everywhere of course he's with the child
- - Dec 08, 2016
He's here.
                              He's there.
                              He's everywhere.
                              Who ya gonna call?
                              Psychic Friend Fredbear
sparklelexy123 sparklelexy123 Jul 01, 2016
This sounds like..."I will keep away the nightmares." Which reminds me of a picture.
Jake651 Jake651 Jul 23, 2016
He's here
                              He's there
                              He's everywhere. 
                              Who you gonna call?
                              Psychic friend Fredbear.
computery_guy computery_guy Jul 29, 2016