Headlines ▸ Lydia Martin [1]

Headlines ▸ Lydia Martin [1]

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" Started not to give a f*ck and stop fearing the consequence... "
     To most of the population of Beacon Hills, Luke Tate was the good boy turned bad; it all started when Luke's family died in a horrible car accident. He felt responsible for the death of his family and turned all his anger and grief into getting into better shape. 

When Luke's younger twin sister, Malia is found and comes back from Eichen House, Luke tells himself that he wouldn't be that cold-hearted player for the sake of his sisters homecoming. He thought she would come back and cling to Luke like she used to, but he was very wrong. She had made new friends, and a new boyfriend. A spazzy awkward kid, a strawberry blonde that had the older Tate's attention, a very pretty Asian girl, a new freshman, and a kid with a crooked jaw; and somehow, they were in the middle of every crime that happened in Beacon Hills.

Returning to school was something new for Malia, so Mr. Tate convinced Luke into looking out for his younger sister. Luke does as he is told and somehow along the way, he catches himself having romantic feelings for a certain strawberry blonde named Lydia Martin.

However when lies are told and secrets come out, Luke is left with several unanswered questions that lead him to grow apart from the McCall pack. He's worth more than the true alpha and banshee, so now the important question in the Tate's head is: what the hell was he?

[ teen wolf season four ; lydia martin ]
[ cover done by me ]
[ ©all rights reserved to me. ]

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