Velvet Crescent [Pokémon Fanfiction]

Velvet Crescent [Pokémon Fanfiction]

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Kat By Sheare Completed

She stuck her hand in her pocket, glaring at her opponent that was scrambling to her feet. Her eyes were filled with malice, with every bone of her body moving fluently to conquer her prey. A handgun clicked before the unarmed girl, the pointer finger curled around the trigger firmly without any trembling. Her palm held the grip snugly, aiming the gun at the chest of her target. 

What was I supposed to do? What could I do? 

"This," she started, her voice harsh between her teeth. She took a sharp intake of air and finished, "is for him."

Who is this 'him?'

I can sense something deeper; the loathing of the shooter's eyes, those eyes as deadly as her ammunition. She longed to pull the trigger, serving some bout of justice. 

I flung out from behind the cardboard box, my hand stretched out as if to catch the incoming bullet. Her eyes widened as she pulled the trigger, the gun jerking back as it fired. 

Then my vision was cloaked in a bright white light.

[Pokémon] [1st place in Pokémon Watty Awards' Romance category]

This sounds awesome! Of course anything with the name Sheare is grand already! But the intensity... I'm definitely ready to read!
blue___22 blue___22 Jun 21
Wow...I hope this is like a really intense thriller, it sounds like good...
Freelywings Freelywings Aug 11
I love the first person perspective. Honestly, I think the story wouldn't be the same if it was written in third.
If she's not from Kanto originally, then where is she from? How was she in the Ilex forest before as well?
NaivEevee NaivEevee Aug 02
I know Lex is a mudkip, so is Bolt the luxio? (assuming from your fabulous cover:))
Risa-White Risa-White Sep 09
                              (When I read this line, I thought of that XD)