The Alpha's Soldier (Editing) 鉁旓笍

The Alpha's Soldier (Editing) 鉁旓笍

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The 1st book to the Soldier series. 

It can be read alone.


Leila Dark, 24 yrs old,  is from the Navy Seals pack. The Navy Seals pack is more like a pack for werewolves that want to be soldiers and want to help other packs. They send 4 navy seals soldiers to a pack every 6 months. They are sent to help the others weres train and even recruit new soldiers. Leila and 3 others are send to Red Dawn pack after hearing they need help with training.

Andrew Knight, 26 yrs old, is the alpha of the Red Dawn pack, the largest pack in the world. He is possessive, demanding, controlling and always gets what he wants. 

What will happen when the most cold hearted and strongest soldier comes to the 
Red Dawn pack and finds her mate? Will she accept him? Or reject him?

Read to find out what happens......!
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Shoulda been an impala (we are everywhere you can't escape the supernatural fandom)
cathyblover cathyblover Aug 28
AWWW馃槏馃槏 and why are they no comments it loneyyyyy馃槶馃槶馃槶
brita9827 brita9827 Sep 09
That's honestly so freaking adorable 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
cathyblover cathyblover Aug 28
When ur about to ship the alpha and the main until u see there Bro and sis
i_ship_so_many_ships i_ship_so_many_ships Apr 19, 2016
I really want to read it but I'm having a hard time with the grammar. Maybe if you go back and revise it or have someone else do it.
77Unicorn 77Unicorn Dec 01, 2016
Me af... 馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀馃槀 I love candy 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃構馃構馃構馃構馃構馃槉馃槉馃槉馃槉馃嵀馃嵀馃嵀馃崿馃崿馃崿馃崼馃嵃馃崷馃崸馃崺馃崺