Roommates with my brothers best friend

Roommates with my brothers best friend

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Physchopath By pinkpompeii Updated Nov 24

Trinity & Adam daughter and son of Adriel & Ariana. I guess you can say time passes by when your having fun aye? Both children are finally off to college and and out their parents embraces facing the real world.

Both Trinity and Adam attend to the same college, Trinity looking forward to it mostly since she finally has a fresh start from humiliation and being an outcast in senior year, she didn't even go to prom. All because of her ex boyfriend Ryder, the true form of the devil himself. Thinking college would be fresh turned into a nightmare.

when you put a devil in the same room as angel what do you get?

I thought she was at Jeremy dorm what!?!? How di dshe get back 2 hers
liset101 liset101 May 15
I cant even talk to guys at front of mine if not hw thinks in dating that guy
This kid said that to my friend and we were basically rolling on the floor laughing so hard
PeaceWillWin PeaceWillWin Sep 03, 2015
I thought it said Fiji for a second. I was so confused. I was like who names their daughter Fiji. no offense, but if I ever met somebody with that name, I would just start laughing.
bookenchantchress bookenchantchress Aug 26, 2015
I love this book already, can't wait to finish this great book. ❤️