The Bad Boy Loves Me (COMPLETED)

The Bad Boy Loves Me (COMPLETED)

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His eyebrows furred in confusion. "Your bag? Why would you think that?"

"Cause this is my room. This is my Dad's house."

"Ah..." He drawled out. "Well I'm sorry to tell you this sweet cheeks, but this is my room."

My cheeks burned at his words, I mean, who does he think he is?

"No, I don't think so, this is my room. So if you would be so kind as to get out-"

"Or what?"

"Or... I'll throw your bag out the window." I said picking the bag up and hanging it outside the window.

"You wouldn't dare." He narrowed his eyes.

"Try me." I narrowed my eyes.

* * *

Emily Winter James lives with her divorced parents, constantly switching house every week for the past four years. 

So when her father tells her that she has a girlfriend and her and her son are going to live with them, Emily doesn't react as well as her father hoped.

Meet Axel Braxton. Bad boy how has been expelled from 4 schools in just one year, and finds out he is getting a step sister. 

But will they able to get along? What if it's more then being step-siblings?

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chloh_2005 chloh_2005 Dec 09, 2017
Just from the summary I can tell I'm going to LOVE this book.
-preciouslyinsane -preciouslyinsane Jan 28, 2017
I can't wait, I haven't read stebsibling books in a while now