I solemnly swear that I am up to no good #wattys2017

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good #wattys2017

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"You hate me Malfoy! What do you care!" I screamed at him, I tried to move only to be pinned to the wall again.

"Granger your mistaken! I don't hate you I'm just not excited about you existence...at least that was the case until recently" he told me leaning closer. 

I sigh "what do you want Malfoy?" I'm tired of this, things have changed this year, a lot.

"Isn't that simple granger-" he was inches from my lips "-I want you" like I said a lot have changed.
After the Great War in the wizard world the trio is back to finish the remanding years, but along with the trial all the other favourite faces return with them.

After much lose and winning the war people come back, shawl we say, different. Including our favourite Slytherin prince Draco Malfoy.

When good turned bad and bed turned good where will that leave our Slytherin prince and Gryffindor princess.

When hate becomes desire. Desire becomes passion and passion becomes love. everything changes

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The-Dark-Mistress The-Dark-Mistress Jun 17, 2016
Someone who died. Or could be Remus. I read a ssamione fanfic that had a little remusxhermione bit.
Lost_Midnight_Killer Lost_Midnight_Killer Jan 05, 2017
This is me, all the time, with my friends and family, in class, EVERYWHERE!
becauseunicorns becauseunicorns Mar 27, 2016
Well kid, he married @weirdo_of_the_worlds and they had 4 children who all got into Ravenclaw. The end.
- - May 10, 2016
                              IM LOVEIN IT *do-do do do-dooo*
NextBaneGeneration NextBaneGeneration Jul 28, 2016
oh my gooosh!
                              it's perfect even from the very begining!!!!!!!!!! love it! :)
Dawncloud131 Dawncloud131 Dec 06, 2015
Oh my God, the title is freaking amazing! Genius!!!!!!!!!!! : D