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Tsuna is a Liar

Tsuna is a Liar

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♕ティアラ♕ By CallMe72 Updated Apr 12, 2016

I saw everyone smiling besides me. Gukudera and Takeshi is having one side argument, and nii-san joined and says him famous line. Lambo also joined and kick Gokudera's face so He kick Lambo's butt so he cried, Chrome showed up and carry Lambo and went to Mukuro whose fighting with Kyoya. 

I open my eyes and look besides me. Their gone. I'm alone again. Just because of one mistake, and my guardians left me. 
----I Killed.

Yea....Tsuna knew that they already killed someone but why can't him??? I mean Mukuro killed before. Gokudera is part of mafioso there's kinda a chance that he killed someone...
BlueButler45 BlueButler45 Mar 31, 2016
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Hirukeki Hirukeki Aug 20, 2015
I don't get why the guardians will leave Tsuna for killing since he technically killed Byakuran in the Future and everyone was happy
akumaangelsakura akumaangelsakura Jul 27, 2015
Whaa-?! You stupid excuse of a guardian! How could you? Tsuna only killed one person and some of you even killed a lot! Now just abandoned him? After he saved all of you?...
                              Good job!i almost cry, that deserves a reward.
variai variai Jul 25, 2015
Omg this story has made me kinda depressed but in a good way like... I have no words. Please update I love it so far
HackerCielo27 HackerCielo27 Jul 24, 2015
Actually most people who dares to abandon Tsuna will need to pass which would never happen but the story was great. Please update!!!!