His Stylists

His Stylists

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It was currently 10:00 a.m , and I was running late for my plane ride. If it wasn't for my best friends James and Kaitlyn complaining the whole night before over my love life that was non-existent then I would have been here on time. Flight 2237 will now be boarding from Houston to New York. Damn looks like I have to start rushing.

I was now boarding my plane with one of the very few people that I talked to in college she saw me walking to the gate and I guess she remembered me. Her little boy Anari was to cute. I made my way to my seat in first class were I sat by Mariah. We had about 1 more hour before I would be home in New York. Anari was in my lap playing with  Mariah.

When we finally landed it was about 1:45 and I couldn't wait till I got into my condo and slept the rest of the day away until my best friends would wake me up because I know they will. I was now getting my luggage and saying goodbye to Mariah and Anari we exchanged numbers before s...

GamedUpBeau GamedUpBeau Mar 18, 2016
No he can't be doing that lawddd you know she trying to work 😩😩 😂😂
Lxxxxhxxxxx Lxxxxhxxxxx Jan 02
That ain't getting dressed😂😂 but think about it being able to have an excuse to touch his muscles and tattoos 😛😩💦
Kiareeds Kiareeds Feb 22, 2016
Ohh this gone be real hard you crushin
                               on a nigure  😊😊😊😚😚😚😘😘😍😍
heartmarauder heartmarauder Feb 12, 2016
I thought me and my friends were the only ones who did that 😂😭 my was heresy mint chocolate and milk chocolate swirl
Taylor_Leyonce Taylor_Leyonce Jan 14, 2016
Liquid Courage is my song! "I dare you to come and take me down, have a sip of Liquid Courage"..😝
AyshaCainDoe AyshaCainDoe Nov 17, 2015
Cause my booty and chest are big and I got flat stomach wit big lips so they say😂😂💁