Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim

Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim

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Andrea Kuska By AndreaKuska Completed

Christine doesn't like people. She lives alone, has a pet cockroach to defend herself with, and has her route home timed specifically so she doesn't have to talk to people. All this changes however when she is stolen from her dorm room and forced to play host to a vampire named Damien. Christine has never met anyone crueler in her life, and worse, he wants to drink her blood.

Can Christine escape before its too late? Or will she be forced to live as a vampire slave forever?

Find out in Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim!

shadybih shadybih Aug 10
Me:"who is this dude is he good looking?" 
                              Me:*chokes on food* "bring him over why are you standing there come on girl you already know"
Author_Bae Author_Bae 2 days ago
You know what forgiveness sounds like? SCREAMING 
                              then silence, of course.
shadybih shadybih Aug 10
So far I really love this book theres so much play on words type thing
NicoleeDx NicoleeDx a day ago
I've read so much BTS fanfics that I think the man in the leather jacket is Jimin 
                              I need help.
Miku005 Miku005 Jul 22
Isn't a kimono a little bit too formal?  I mean there are other far more relaxing japanese clothing, who are far more fitting for material arts (like a yukata). 
                              By the way I would really like to know which material arts she practices.
AngelZWolf AngelZWolf 3 days ago
Polsca! Or Russian. Also I would have told Joan, "No, I don't know that guy and neither did I make a new friends so let's hope you didn't tell him where I live.