Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim

Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim

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Andrea Kuska By AndreaKuska Completed

Christine doesn't like people. She lives alone, has a pet cockroach to defend herself with, and has her route home timed specifically so she doesn't have to talk to people. All this changes however when she is stolen from her dorm room and forced to play host to a vampire named Damien. Christine has never met anyone crueler in her life, and worse, he wants to drink her blood.

Can Christine escape before its too late? Or will she be forced to live as a vampire slave forever?

Find out in Diary of a Non-Conformist Vampire Victim!

  • comedy
  • paranormal
  • romance
  • series
  • vampire
aaudreysaagal aaudreysaagal Aug 18, 2017
I'm not into dairy writing, but that's such a great idea I just might try it.
ZombiezAreOverrated ZombiezAreOverrated Aug 25, 2017
The word for hating all of humankind is Misanthropy. You are a Misanthrope.
Abigail_Flence Abigail_Flence Aug 19, 2017
OMG I love this book,the chapter was clean and good detail,keep writing this book could be watty2017
NicoleeDx NicoleeDx Aug 16, 2017
I've read so much BTS fanfics that I think the man in the leather jacket is Jimin 
                              I need help.
Litloveyou Litloveyou Aug 22, 2017
Does studying how quickly an insect can die with e g. Shoe vs aerosol, count as entomology...?🤔
babyjayy5314 babyjayy5314 Aug 25, 2017
I'm really happy someone with my name is in a story ❤️ especially the main character