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KitCat By ticketmaster911 Updated Dec 14, 2016

May Thompson is a 16 year old nerd. She didn't think anyone would ever take a second glance at the practically invisible girl. Well, besides her 4 year boyfriend, 17 year old Jeremy Collins. With his crystal blue eyes and wavy brown hair, she was amazed by how long the perfect golden boy stayed with her. She shouldn't have taken her guard down. After she finds out he had been cheating on her, and even catches it with her own eyes, she is torn apart. 

Driving away from the questionable scene as fast as she can, she finds herself in a just as questionable situation. When a mysterious man she had never seen before sets his eyes on the teary eyed, red faced girl, he is furious for a reason May had to soon find out. 

After a strange Facebook request and a few very bad feelings, she finds herself getting a package. She really wished she hadn't opened it. Follow May as she finds out she is being stalked. There is one word that describes the person.


Highest: #131 in Teen Fiction 12/20/16

ticketmaster911 ticketmaster911 Apr 17, 2016
When I prank my friends I jokingly say April fools so I guess I'm just weird for doing that haha
ChristineM1 ChristineM1 Oct 25, 2016
Before, I start reading, the summary of the story is written beautifully
lolalovee lolalovee Jun 16, 2016
why won't she just take the styrofoam prices out so she wouldn't be scared tf?
SyafiqahAidi SyafiqahAidi 3 days ago
Then how are you going to contact anyone just in case of an emergency😑
O1iviaa O1iviaa Apr 05, 2016
                              hey....will you be updating this story (Obsessed) soon????
kmulrocks kmulrocks Aug 31, 2016
she's around 14 years old tho....she seems to young to be paired up with a 26 year old. ofc they arent together now but we all know they are gonna be in the end. it always ends up like that, or maybe this story might have a different ending? idk