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KitCat By ticketmaster911 Updated Oct 14, 2017

May Thompson is a 16 year old nerd. She didn't think anyone would ever take a second glance at the practically invisible girl. Well, besides her 2 year boyfriend, Jeremy Collins. With his crystal blue eyes and wavy brown hair, she was amazed by how long the perfect golden boy stayed with her. She shouldn't have taken her guard down. After she finds out he had been cheating on her, and even catches it with her own eyes, she is torn apart. 

Driving away from the questionable scene as fast as she can, she finds herself in a just as questionable situation. When a mysterious man she had never seen before sets his eyes on the teary eyed, red faced girl, he is furious for a reason May had to soon find out. 

After a strange Facebook request and a few very bad feelings, she finds herself getting a package. She really wished she hadn't opened it. May soon finds out she is being stalked. There is only one word that describe her stalker.


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i_likey_funny i_likey_funny Jul 16, 2017
I saw A coffee mug with the letter A in the front and on the inside, it's his. THIS IS BASED ON A REAL STORY, AHHHHHH!!!!!
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Sep 19, 2017
He's a stalker lol. I always check ppl profile before adding them back
Otaku_creepypasta88 Otaku_creepypasta88 Aug 02, 2017
Oh my God. 
                              *reads next paragraph* 
                              I can predict the future!
BlobbyPiggy BlobbyPiggy Aug 13, 2017
Oh no. It's pretty little liars all over again. Charlotte is coming back.
shortsuave shortsuave Jul 19, 2017
He didn't really prove he knew everything about her. By casually putting something crazy personal into the letter would help us to assume he knew A LOT about her
ChristineM1 ChristineM1 Oct 25, 2016
Before, I start reading, the summary of the story is written beautifully