Isn't soccer a boy's sport?

Isn't soccer a boy's sport?

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Sawyer Gerwen was always the tomboy of her grade. In kindergarden she was always the first to grab a soccerball, or when in 6th grade she crushed the boy who had a crush on her, or when she finally plucked up the courage to try out for the boys soccer team and get in, in 8th grade. Ever since, Sawyer has played soccer with boys, she was used to it, much to her mothers disagreement. Her dad was proud to the fullest of their only daughter.

When Sawyers parents force her to move from Denver to Washington, she has no option but to start a new school. Basiclly a new life, make new friends, and fit in.

Sawyer's only passion was Soccer, but when she gets put on the boys team since there is no girls team, everything goes from bad to worse.

But wait. Isnt Soccer a boy's sport?

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soccer_tati soccer_tati May 14
This happened to me when I joined the boys team and became captain of course
- - Aug 03
Oh really? How can you tell? I mean the next thing you're going to say is that you're a boy and she's on the soccer team. (Sorry about the sarcasm overload) <<<(I wasn't being sarcastic)
Catgirlme Catgirlme Aug 17
As I sit here in gray sweatpants and a gray t-shirt while it is raining outside reading on Wattpad😂😂 btw black is so much better😂
Do you want some peanut butter with that jelly? Cause then you can make me a peanut butter jelly sandwich
DoggyA13 DoggyA13 Aug 17
I have mixed feelings. When we do sports, I love it. When it's exercise day, I hate it
Catgirlme Catgirlme Aug 17
Soccer is the life of so many girls in my grade..... sexist jerk