You're Mine

You're Mine

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KitKat By KitKat3490 Completed

Gajeel has always been in love with Levy and figured she only saw him as a friend, but what he doesn't know is that Levy loves him too and everyone can see it except them, but when Levy almost gets hurt, Gajeel comes to the rescue. 

Levy has a date the next day and Gajeel doesn't take it well. He wants to attack her date. When her date tries to kiss her, Gajeel goes ballistic. No one is allowed to kiss his Levy and get away with it.

Gajeel doesn't know why he feels the way he feels so he looks it up. It turns out, Levy is his mate. Dragon slayers are known to be protective and possessive over their mates. Now he understands why he feels that way. Will they ever proclaim their love for each other before it's to late, or will they be left wondering 'what if...'

  • anime
  • dragonslayer
  • fairytail
  • gajevy
  • gale
this is the second story in a row i have read that people  keep thinking gajeel makes people pregnant
sky24682 sky24682 Jul 24
change? im surprised gajeel doesn't just take all his clothes off (leaves the boxers on you perves! -_-) and go to sleep, or just goes to sleep in his regular clothes 😂😂
Kasai9 Kasai9 Oct 16
And if she is, and the father isn't you, you have my permission to kill him.
MeowKatGirl MeowKatGirl Jul 16
Pantherlily x Kiwi! This is better than all the other ships combined because this is true love right here people!!
30!?!?! I DEMAND 3000000000×infinity of these GaLe children
You mean Gaston?BAHAHAHA GUSTAV--Anyway,I didn't really enjoy the character.But it was a good book,movie,so forth.