Same Mistakes - Student/Teacher #Wattys2016

Same Mistakes - Student/Teacher #Wattys2016

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radteens By radteens Updated Sep 09

Fifteen year old Elizabeth Goulding is on her way to completing her very last year of secondary school, with less than six months to go; the young fairly beautiful teenager has her escape root perfectly marked out as to how she is planning on leaving the dingy unknown deadbeat town in the city of London. 

Henry Grant, the thirty six year old teacher that is loved by many for his easy going attitude towards teaching - has his mind focused on getting to better the grades of his students as the exam preparations are vastly approaching.

The two very different individuals are practically non existent to one another, and they have been for nearly five years. But when an encounter that leaves the both of them confused and baffled minded occurs, a strange aura of lust and danger is unveiled.

And poor little Lizzie is stuck on whether or not, she should go by the law or break it.

A little bit of constructive criticism:
                              'Root' is used in the wrong context (this refers to the roots of a plant), it should be 'Route', as in an escape route.
Does this have a happy ending or does a main character end up dying? I have to know if I should delete this from my library if it has any of that.
randomist_x randomist_x Nov 13, 2015
Fifteen and thirty six?! Im just going to pretend she's eighteen and he's somewhere around twenty six.
VimbaiMurambi VimbaiMurambi Sep 02, 2015
I'm a bit confused at why she is finishing secondary school at 15?
awesomewolf16 awesomewolf16 Aug 19, 2015 is this science fiction? Don't get me wrong, I'm already loving this book, I'm just confused :)
oddcomics oddcomics Aug 07, 2015
Isnt 15 a little too young? Or is that okay in England? ( im canadian lol )