MagCon boys imagines/smuts

MagCon boys imagines/smuts

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*Catherine's POV*
I'm so scared, it's dark outside and the lightning just hit my neighbours house. I really want Cam to come over but he's probably sleeping through this. 
"Oh fuck it" I whisper as I grab my phone and find the contact 'babe😻', I press the call button and wait for the ringing to start. Then I hear a loud bang and scream "SHITTTTT". I hear the call go through, then whisper 
"Cam, baby help me" and whimper at the thunder.
"Cat, babe I'll be right over" he says.

*Cameron's POV*
I know how scared Catherine is of storms like this, so i grab my car keys and sprint out to my white Mercedes, I text Cat quick "I'm almost there😘"
I really hope my baby girl's okay.

*Catherine's POV*
My phone beeps, and the message from Cam comes through, "I'm here babe😻", I know he has a key, so I wait for his loud footsteps on the stairs. Cam bursts through the door and holds me tight while I cry, "Shhhh, baby it's okay, it's okay, I'm here" Cam whispers into my ear, his presence makes me fe...

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