A Date With Death- Book One of The Fallen Series

A Date With Death- Book One of The Fallen Series

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MamaUnicorn By bworm59 Updated Aug 22, 2016

Death is terrifying, merciless, and ironically, he's  immortal. He has wronged many, leaving them bitter, and hungry for revenge, but past his cold and dangerous exterior, there is one thing he craves deeply;


Death only has one soul mate, someone created just for him, his equal opposite. She was destined to thaw his frozen heart, and give him the love he hungered for-she was the only one who could.  But for his sins, there comes a price, and a millennium ago the ones he wronged made sure he paid it.

They cursed him; taking away the promise of forever with the love of his life. Ever since, Death has been on the run, determined not fall in love, But when the prophecy that he's been trying to escape from for a Millennium finally catches up to him, he's left with no other choice.

To kill the love of his life, before he falls in love with her, but it's not as simple as he thinks.

Death is inescapable, we will all die someday, but for seventeen-year-old Aliyah Rice, Death has been chasing her relentlessly ever since her first near death encounter two years ago, and she's always escaped. But Death is getting impatient, and when a Millennium old prophecy is revealed that will change everything for Aliya, will she finally succumb to Death? What happens when Death Falls in love?

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1narcissuslady 1narcissuslady Jun 18, 2017
Did no one else notice how the cover of this book is the same one from the abandon series by meg cabot in her third book:awaken? That's very specific but yo, the book too was about death and a teenager and how he liked her. Was that an inspiration for this book?
axnarvaez axnarvaez Aug 21, 2016
Yes I love this chapter it captured my attention really fast
Godsamazingangel Godsamazingangel Jan 16, 2017
Man i gotta say that that was amazing and i absolutely loved the first page and im hooked!! Ill come to u when i want a trailer for my book! Plsss!!   😊😊😊😊😍😍
volatileSpace volatileSpace Jun 06, 2016
WOAH THAT WAS SO MELANCHOLY AND COOL his voice was a lil feminine in the beginning but got really great soon after!
- - May 21, 2016
This book is so good😄 and with the song! wow one of my favorite books and I've only read the first chapter! Love it 😘
fizzaarshad123 fizzaarshad123 Jul 19, 2016
Hey isn't that the cover for mac Cabot book Awaken (abandoned 3#