Flirt ♡ muke af

Flirt ♡ muke af

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ameliaaa By twistedmuke Completed

where michael is a huge flirt to luke, who is 100% straight (or so he thinks) 

(texting muke)
cover: @asdflkjhg5sos

Turkish Translation :@Muke_5sos 

Italian Translation: @haruhi_kujo

Yaoi_ing Yaoi_ing Aug 13
This is so easy to understand what the hell?? imeanifyoureaddumbdiarythenyouwouldtotallyunderstandwhatthisissayinglol
I thought it was "this is ala meuser" and I was like "okay cool name"
airplaines airplaines Oct 18
it took me a really long time to realize it want "this is al ameuser" like I thought Luke was using a ale name or something omg kill me
malumboo malumboo May 02
I thought it said this is a la meuser & i was like is that french??
am i the only person who read the username(s) correctly the first time or
wow how many people is gonna have "thisisalameuser" idea as their kik 😂