My Alpha (LevixEren *not completed*)

My Alpha (LevixEren *not completed*)

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levi_bae By levi_bae Updated Oct 13, 2015

Erens P.O.V

Eren sighed softly as he adjusted his tie which laded smartly on his white shirt which he had bought for this particular day, the day that could change his life in a good way or a bad way. 

Today Eren would be meeting an alpha from a pack which roamed fairly close to where he'd lived so of course it made sense to try and join that pack instead of one far away from his home or his old home if he managed to join this pack which he hoped. 

After about hundred times checking himself in his tall sized mirror he breathed in shutting his emerald eyes and then out opening them and clutching his fist against his side. 

"Just play it cool Jeager you've got this, I mean if Mikasa was acepted why shouldn't I?" He spoke shutting the door of his logging cabin.

Mikasa his half sister who was a year older then him had joined the same pack six moths ago with ease, she was talented though he thought as he rembered her always catching him in there playful games of tags when they were you...

wolveskitsune wolveskitsune Aug 13, 2017
Is just me or does sasha look like a mixture of Ariel and Ezra in the pic
peachy919 peachy919 Sep 10, 2016
Author, thank you. Most people say a flock of Ravens, not the correct term murder. Thanks you for being educated.
- - Jul 02, 2018
Connie x Sasha
                              Jean x Marco 
                              Levi x Eren
                              Mikasa x Armin
                              Petra x Oluo
                              Ymir x Historia 
                              Hange x Erwin
                              Those r mah ships