Yandere!Ciel x reader x Yandere!Alois

Yandere!Ciel x reader x Yandere!Alois

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Mrs.Lagusa By KazuKazuyas Completed

Currently rewriting this whole book!!

Little bit of smut in the beggining
plus really crappy writing :')
I don't own Black butler or their characters!

What happens when two Yandere boys fight over the same girl?

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A thirteen year old horny bastard wants me... I suppose I should feel honored
Who is that tall man dressed in black, Earl Phantomhive? 
                              "Oh, he's my cockblock, Sebastian Michaelis," 
                              Sebby: Pleasure to meet you. I am a professional cock blocker hired by this horny brat!
*walks out* I hear ya loud and clear Alois. *goes with him and leaves Ciel*
*Eyes turn red* *avoids eye contact* Hey Ceil, ever wonder if it's painful to be killed by a demon? 
                              "No" why? 
                              Looks at him. You're about to find oit
HeyItsMac_ HeyItsMac_ Nov 26
....Honestly i like alois more then ciel...Thats just my opinion
Ciel and alois are so much like draco and harry "phantomhive!" "Potter!"