† Unwanted Hero † (Emo Love Story)

† Unwanted Hero † (Emo Love Story)

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»Rebecca« By WaitWhoAreYou Completed

Third Book In My Emo Series (but you can read them in any order and it still makes sense) 


Kai was bullied big time. No one liked him. No one cared.

He was the emo one, with black hair, bright green eyes and tattoos. He was obsessed with bands, especially Pierce the Veil. He'd never admit it,  but Kai had a huge crush on Ashley Giles.


One of the most popular girls in school, with blonde hair and a lot of piercings. 

She was beautiful and and a tomboy, scared of nothing. But recently she'd changed.

After dating Morgan Stanford, a massive jock, she'd become quiet and reserved. She no longer did what she wanted.

Everyone thought Ashley and Morgan had a perfect relationship, but how come Ashley would come in with bruises and cuts? 

Kai saw right through everything and he was determined to save Ashley. But how was the bullied emo kid going to fight the strongest guy in school?

Not all heroes can save people without saving themselves first.

At least I still have my virginity cause I'm saving if for someone special not a man whore...
Ur now mine! I called it! I'm basically the same except no tattoos.
I use to have that but I learned my self
                              Tip: since I loved dogs I would say 'OK well I spell dog with the letter that points 👈way (d)...so that must mean that (b) is supposed to go 👉way..
Me too, I love your stories so much they made me cry tears of joy! 💕😭😊
I have a feeling I be checking out all of ur books. After this one.
Same! It's so weird how depression changes it. My eyes too used to me emerald, and now they are so dulled I can't tell if there still green, or gray