The Healer's Mate [The Werewolf Chronicles #2]

The Healer's Mate [The Werewolf Chronicles #2]

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Seven years ago my parents were killed by hunters. I was found by Alpha Neal and brought back to the White Thorn pack where I was raised as his daughter. Life was looking up, I had three brothers who became my friends and helped me deal with the death of my parents. But that changed very quickly. When I turned sixteen unlike my brothers I did not shift. 

I was a werewolf without a wolf.

In my eighteenth year I developed an ability to heal wounds and injuries. My adoptive mother said the Goddess had given me this skill in place of my wolf. My brothers saw me as a weak disgrace to the Alpha family and from that day on I fell prey to bullying and abuse by the entire pack and from the brothers that had once loved me. 

My life was miserable until I met him. 

Jayden Cairstay. 

My mate. 

The Healer's Mate.

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Chorusrose Chorusrose Aug 17, 2017
I enjoyed your other story.. So I am sure I will enjoy this one <3
*many people say read 1st one*
                              *reads their comments*
                              *nods along*
                              *continue to read this one ignoring everyone around me*
Do I need to read the other book first? From the synopsis it doesn’t sound like Jayden is a main character.
missunperfect08 missunperfect08 Mar 20, 2017
Great story. I love the characters. Great work. Best werewolf story i have read on here.
Jeweldiamond24 Jeweldiamond24 Apr 01, 2017
If you only say TBML then I still don't know what that book is called, even if it's a long name, that 'shortcut' won't tell me anything
trinkrazo trinkrazo Jul 29, 2017
Enjoyed "The Black Moon Legend", let's see if this one is as good.