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Sakura has a sister?! (sasuke love story)

Sakura has a sister?! (sasuke love story)

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TheFabulousDuck By YumikoMei Completed


Name: Saya

Last name : Haruno

Elements:all elements

rank : jonin


likes: training,sleeping on the roftop and snakes

dislikes: Sakura and duck butt Sasuke   

hair changes depending on her mood

can calm or make a jinchuriki go to sleep

Akatsuki has been after her for a long time now

 weapons: katana's and a huge folding fan

met Gaara once when she was on a mission. they became friends. Saya would visit him everyday and when her birthday came, Gaara gave her a heart necklace that has a pic of Saya and him when they were hanging out at the training grounds in suna. And when Saya's parents forbids her from visiting him she bacame cold hearted.

on with the story



"Saya! someone wants to talk to you!" Sakura yelled which made jump up. I walked in the bath room and took a nice long shower. After that I walked out and sinced I'm not going  on a mission...

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First thing I thought when snakes is mentioned: 
                              Orochimaru!! I'll kill you!
Does this means if I'm sick it will turn into green?
                              Or if I'm sad it will turn blue?
                              Or pink for happiness?
                              Or emerald green for jealousy 
                              Or yellow for hungry?
                              Or orange for giddy?
are we going to ignore the fact that saya is 13 and sasuke is like 11
Imma just pretend that shirt has Suga’s BT21 on it since that’s what the author is kind of describing
Pure-Shadow Pure-Shadow Feb 06
I would call sakura a bitch but that would be disrespectful to all the bitches in the world
So.. we all just going to ignore the fact that someone wanted to talk to her, and instead of going down immediately, she took a LONG shower?