FIRST KISS (High School Romance - FYI - In need of redrafting/rewrites)

FIRST KISS (High School Romance - FYI - In need of redrafting/rewrites)

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Pseudonymous By RJRyder Updated Apr 09, 2013

Mel and Bryce have been best friends for, like, ever. 

Bryce looks like a movie star, captains the football team and is the guy in school that all the girls crush on.

But to Mel he’s just Bryce. 

After all, what else could he be, right? 

But when he admits that he has kissed Mel’s nemesis, Taylor Whitrow, the gorgeous head cheerleader, everything changes. 


  • adolescence
  • america
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  • betrayal
  • boy
  • boyfriend
  • bryce
  • cheerleader
  • chlamydia
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Cupcakegirl34 Cupcakegirl34 Oct 01, 2017
I'm just commenting because these comments are in order by the years so don't kind me.... 2017!
ThawedHearts ThawedHearts Apr 18, 2017
I went to reread this but his name is Bryce. 
                              I cannot read this after watching 13 
                              reasons why! Fvck life Fvck everything
estefan_mg estefan_mg May 08, 2016
Wtf! No just tell her she'll emberres you with that pumkin outfit. That's all you need to ruin your friend ship!
ArcticKaturn ArcticKaturn Mar 02, 2016
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MissDaisy_22 MissDaisy_22 Jan 10, 2017
So if she hadn't asked him, he wouldn't go. But he can't be late... 
Omg he had to push her into the car? WOW ❤️❤️❤️❤️ I already love this book