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My Psycho Kidnapper

My Psycho Kidnapper

46.5K Reads 1.3K Votes 9 Part Story
Alexa Lanier By ExPL0diNg_RaiNb0w Completed

"My sweet Alexa, my name is Mark, and as you can see we kidnapped you." 

"No dip Sherlock, but the question is why? What do you want from me?" I asked angrily.

"You will soon know, all in good time," Mark said, "but know one thing Alexa, you are never leaving me." 

Oh great my kidnapper is a psycho who somehow knows my name. This night just couldn't get any better.

Alexa Waters lives a simple life in a small town in Georgia, that is until she gets kidnapped one night, by who? She has no idea.

When she finds out her whole life starts going out of proportion. Things she thought to be true aren't, and people she thought she knew she doesn't. 

All that she knows is that she has to find her way out somehow and maybe with the help of a gorgeous green-eyed guy she can.

The kidnapper is cunning though and it won't be easy. Alexa might escape..but alive? That's a whole other question.

xox_ninja xox_ninja May 15
                              I'd spend years trying to cut the jail bars open with a plastic knife.😂😂
InLiveWithBooks InLiveWithBooks Jun 26, 2016
I feel like if I was kidnap, they would return me right back because I'm an annoying piece of crap
paramore6190 paramore6190 Oct 05, 2016
I feel the same sometimes. I BETTER WATCH OUT. *dramatic music plays* DUN DUN DUN DUN
                              DUN DUN DUN DUN
- - Jan 23, 2016
Awwww come on she was just soooooo close though!!!but I knew it was too easy and knew something was gonna happen XD
MJJ4evs MJJ4evs Jan 15, 2016
She's so snappy when she's in a van full weapons and possibly rapists.
Sequin96 Sequin96 Jan 14, 2016
So.. this town name, lol. Didnyou come up with that on your own or is that a place? Lol. Also, is it pronounced Hope-you-like-it or Hope-you-lick-it or any other way? Not trying to offend by the way. I think it's awesome. :)