Royal Blood

Royal Blood

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Daring, mysterious, smart, cunning, overly rich and most of all; breathtaking. Men in every realm wish to be with the Unseen Princess. Some seek fame while others seek the inheritance of the wealthiest kingdom known to ever exist. But none actually consider the young princess as a living person. Just an obstacle to achieve their lifetime goal. 

So when Leopold Blanchard proposes to this princess, kingdoms far and wide sit on the edge of their seats, waiting for the results that come with being the husband of Regina Mills. Will he be after the mountains of gold that are supposedly found in the dungeons of her castle, or will he appear in every army and counsel to be found?

But then the princess goes missing, leaving the upcoming King to rule his new kingdom. And although Leopold may not be a ruler yet, he knows what's about to come his way. 

The disappearance of Regina Mills? Not an accident. And she figured as much. Leopold was a smart man, but she would've figured a less intelligent plan from such an old man. 

As she struggles to survive in a poor village far from home, she is taken in by a clan of people. Regina struggles to keep her identity a secret while trying to find a way to get back home and secure the safety of her kingdom. There's only one man she seems to trust enough to take her through a journey with no return. 

Robin Locksley. 

Join Regina, Robin and a whole kingdom of villagers as the odd couple struggles in romance and survival. Will Robin find out about Regina? Will Regina return safely back to her home to maintain her aristocratic life? Or will something go terribly wrong?

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Amarivv Amarivv Mar 22, 2017
I love how u used characters from O.U.A.T I can't wait to read the rest of it! Great job btw😊😊😊😊
aly652 aly652 Oct 31, 2015
You are such an amazing writer. I've read all your books and they're all amazing! Keep it up :)
RegalMills RegalMills Oct 30, 2015
I already love this story and I'm excited about what will happen next. You're such a talented writer, I love the way you describe everything.
autumn112001 autumn112001 Oct 30, 2015
Ok this is before I read this chapter but I'm so excited I love the name and the book cover. I really hope it's good.