A New Host~ (OHSHC)

A New Host~ (OHSHC)

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Joanna Kingston By KillerInRedHeels Updated Oct 05

"Another boy? Oh Well a guest is still a guest. How may I serve you prince?" Tamaki Suou

"What? Sorry I'm not in the right room." I said about to walk out.

"Wait a minute. Do you play?" Haruhi Fujioka

"Yeah, It has been a hobby of mine for a while." I smiled at him.

"Ah you wouldn't be the new honor student Kyo Tamiko?" Kyoya Ootori

"You mean like Haru-chan?" Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka

"Mhmm" Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka

"Very" Hikaru "Interesting"  Kaoru Hitachiin

So long Kyo, it was great knowing you. I'll lay flowers at your grave you poor soul
Whoa Tamaki we just met today, no need to get all up in my grill
Poor unfortunate soul, I told you to do one thing. One thing!
Run as fast as you can, stop for no one not even if they offer you sweets, the devil twin smell fear
Don't move! They can sense your fear! Just close you eyes and don't move an inch