The Master, My Lover (BDSM) (MXM)

The Master, My Lover (BDSM) (MXM)

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Xarq is most possibly the last fallen angel on earth, with the race having gone extinct in the BC era.

Ryan is the new recently crowned King of Werewolves. What will he do when he finds out his mate is possibly the last fallen angel?

...And also that his mate is a guy, no less?

I feel like the person who wrote this is at least like 8-10 years of age
I still cant believe u called that man with the tiny dick master
88Crazylove22 88Crazylove22 6 days ago
My pinky is longer than that HE ROASTED ON HIS TIC TAC OF WHAT HE CALL A DICK😂😂😂😂😂😂
I was to feel sad but. .... . 3 INCHES, A HOT CHEETO IS LONGER
Don't worry hun the punishment you'll get with be very.... Different....
Maybe he's saying that its so small it like three inches? Idek anymore lol