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The Master, My Lover (BDSM) (MXM)

The Master, My Lover (BDSM) (MXM)

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♚⛧♔ By querenciax Updated Dec 11, 2016

{ #245 in Werewolf on 03/11/16 }

Xarq is most possibly the last fallen angel on earth, with the race having gone extinct in the BC era.

Ryan is the new recently crowned King of Werewolves. What will he do when he finds out his mate is possibly the last fallen angel?

...And also that his mate is a guy, no less?

ShadeyHog ShadeyHog Dec 12, 2016
poison_drinker3000 poison_drinker3000 Nov 30, 2016
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If someone was raped then that does not mean they lost their v-card, if they willingly had sex then they would lose their v-card.
DragonBaBy52 DragonBaBy52 Dec 15, 2016
I thought he was chained? was the woods right outside his cell door?
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